The Zoe Egg Chair range is now in stock
The Zoe Egg Chair range is now in stock
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Double size double comfort

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Why choose our Zoe Egg Chair?

We think that, after trying many options and styles out there, a double sized (2 person) hanging seat is definitely designed with more comfort in mind!

Picture yourself with your feet up lazing in the sunshine or your indoor space, the low sound of daily noise firmly in the background and you, firmly on the lovingly hand-made rattan chair slightly swaying the time away.  We can't think of anything more serene in our home.

We all deserve a bit of free/me time! Your fury animals and little ones will be itching to try it too! And not forgetting your visitors! It's the go-to seat in our house!

Enjoy a bit of luxury with our egg style swing chairs, delivered to you ready to assemble (so quick and easy!) and including squishy cushions ready for all weather, making the hanging chair flexible for your indoor/outdoor spaces.

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